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What I'm All About!

I help brands, that are a little tired, dated, inconsistent or just starting out, to get it right from the start.

I specialize in brand strategy, graphic design, and marketing for businesses and entrepreneurs to fix, or create new brands, and showcase them online with a beautifully designed and consistent web presence.

Do you want cost-effectiveness? As a full stack designer, I team up with developers and copywriters to create the best experience for you and your business. We are the new agency paradigm and work entirely virtual. Because we don’t pay for brick and mortar, you don’t have to either.

For over a decade of experiences in strategic branding, graphic design, and web-development for some of the world’s most successful global retailers and consumer products companies.

I possess a unique blend of expertise gained from leading branding initiative from both the client and agency perspectives.

I completed the master program of architecture, for contemporary housing, and started studying marketing and graphic design ever since I finished, and learn even more with every new project I take on.


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Your Brand Is My Mission

Responsive web-design for your business

Your brand. Is it rockin’ like nobody’s business? Or is it a little tired? Dated? Or worst of all, inconsistent? Or hey, maybe it’s just being born. You want to do it right. That’s where I come in.

Andrej The Freelancer, specializes in web design, development, and branding for businesses and entrepreneurs. With my team, I create new brands from scratch, fix broken ones and build a website that actually works. With my team, we have the brainpower, creative chops, consumer insight mojo, and marketing magic you need with a portfolio of loyal clients to prove it.

You want nimble. We scale up and down depending on the project, so you never pay for people you don’t need.

You want cost-effectiveness. We’re the new agency paradigm. We’re virtual. We don’t pay for brick and mortar. So you don’t have to pay for it either.

Not convinced? Here’s what people are saying.



Consistent branding that kickstarts your business to the next level

➜ Brand Identity

➜ Brand Guidelines

➜ Personal Branding

➜ Graphic Design

➜ Competitive Research

➜ Customer Insights


Create or elevate your web presence, to position you as a leader in your industry

➜ Trend + Innovation

➜ UX – User Experience Design

➜ UI – User Interface Design

➜ Visual Design

➜ Social Media

➜ Digital Marketing


We’ll develop the best version of your website

➜ Custom WordPress Development

➜ Premium & Fully Licensed Add-Ons

➜ Site Maintenance


➜ E-commerce

➜ Communication Strategy

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Size Doesn't Matter

A new responsive website for your business

Whether you are a Fortune 100 company or an LLC, the fundamentals of how a great brand is built are the same. It’s just a matter of scale. With my team, we leverage bullet-proof strategy and killer design to make sure your brand achieves the 3 R’s: Being Recognized, Remembered and Revered.


What our clients are saying


➜ With my team, we create brand ecosystems, websites, and marketing systems 
➜ By utilizing our dream team of specialist partners
➜ Using contemporary strategic branding methodology
➜ For entrepreneurs, businesses, and brands of all sizes
➜ So they are recognized, remembered and revered by their clients and consumers


• I will create exceptional strategic brand design and that in the marketplace
• My work is beautiful, memorable, remarkable and effective in creating brand loyalists for our clients
• I am creative, respectful, inspired, inspiring, passionate, thoughtful and diligent
• I want to leave the world a better place than when we arrived here
• I will be ever conscious of our ecological footprint
• I contribute to a healthy, compassionate and vibrant community
• I practice true responsible citizenship

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