Seven Recurring Mistakes - Is Your Website Free of Them?

In this article you are going to see seven critical mistakes made by designers and entrepreneurs when building their websites. With a little effort, they can be avoided, to great effect.


63% of consumers use websites to find businesses and 30% won’t consider a business without a website. (Source: Search Engine Land)

87% of digital marketers and ecommerce professionals agree that design-driven companies outperform other businesses. (Source: Adobe)

38% of website visitors will stop engaging with the content if it has an unattractive layout or imagery. (Source: Adobe)

94% of website visitors cite web design elements as a reason for mistrusting a website. (Source: Forbes)

64% of website visitors want to see contact information and 44% will leave the website if they cannot find it. (Source: KoMarketing)

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Talking too much about you

Naturally, it is your page and you want your name, qualifications, experience and achievements to be noted. Nothing wrong with that. But timing is the crux of the matter. The first thing your prospective client needs to find is that you will understand his problem and be able to offer a solution. That’s what should welcome your online visitors.

Best Websites – Mistake #1

Too much stuff

So you’re an expert in a variety of fields. Great. But most of your clients-to-be have a specific query and don’t want to waste time browsing through several indexed categories to check if you are the one they are looking for to attend to their needs. Narrow the field, and your site will become easier to navigate.

Best Websites – Mistake #2

Where is your work?

It may sound incompatible with the first point, but bear with me. Without dedicating your whole site to your past successes, your portfolio should be easily accessible in your website, preferably in one page, where your viewer can scroll up and down and get a good idea of what you are capable of.

Best Websites – Mistake #3

People's testimonials

You can only advertise yourself so much. The 21st-century onlooker trusts your opinion about yourself, but believes in other people’s opinion about you much more. So get a few positive testimonials from some of your satisfied customers and embed them on your site. Furthermore create a page where people can leave new testimonials to be consulted with a mere click.

Best Websites – Mistake #4


Your business should not be a backstreet open market. Be clear with the price range you work with and the packages you offer. Not only does it show the kind of seniority you possess in your field but it also happens that different clients have different budgets, and you don’t want to waste their time. Nor yours!

Best Websites – Mistake #5


When customers are considering hiring your services, you can be sure they want to know more about you. So tell them! Your website should have an ‘about’ page, simple to find with a click. There you should present an account of your professional experience. Include a picture of yourself and some simple personal informations.

Best Websites – Mistake #6

Lack of content

It is almost ludicrous, but time after time you see well designed, graphically appealing websites, where several hours of dedicated time have clearly been spent, but when you filter the content you come up with… nothing. Avoid that pitfall. Explain what you do, how you do it and why you do it. Make a case of stating your professional opinion and justifying it with reasonable ideas.

So that’s what you should be looking for in your own site and deal with it accordingly. With some attention to these little, but not disregardable details, your website can get a new look and your business can thrive and profit.

Best Websites – Mistake #7

best websites - 7 misstakes

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