How To Avoid 10 Biggest Branding Mistakes for Entrepreneurs and Designers

Starting a new business and creating a solid brand name presents an exciting experience.
Like most things in life, there is always a learning curve to it, and you are likely to make some mistakes.
As it stands, there is more to branding than just realizing some competitive advantage.
Fast forward, take stock some of these common branding mistakes made by designers and entrepreneurs before making the same blunders.

Branding Strategies

Branding Strategies Andrej The Freelancer

1. Not Having a Brand Strategy

Both large and small companies must pay dearly for lack of a branding strategy.
If you are serious about building a brand name that will stand the test of time, you need to have the big picture in mind.
Having a brand strategy means quantifying your offerings, knowing where you are offering, how you are doing it, and most importantly, how you measure up.
Being clear on this will certainly give you a significant edge as far as building your brand is concerned.

Branding Strategies #1

2. Not Knowing Your Competition

Many companies do not take the time to understand the nature of their competition in their niche.
It is imperative to understand the nature of your competition first, to make sure you stand out from the rest.
To stand out, you must differentiate yourself.
Your brand should communicate to your customers the benefits they get from working from you.
And that is why you need a unique and compelling value proposition.

Branding Strategies #2

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3. Copying Others

As much as you are aware of the ones, you are competing with, never make the mistake of copying them.
Copying the branding services used by your competitor’s means that you can never rise above them.
As a tip, you need to understand your competition and market your brand in a different and better way – use a differentiation strategy.

Branding Strategies #3

4. Not Investing in Branding

Another mistake that could be pulling your business from real growth is not investing in branding.
By Investing, I don’t talk about what you pay to get your logo done.
A proper investment means finding an experienced designer that will help you get a strategic design that is in perfect alignment with your branding strategy.
In a nutshell, you need to invest enough money in things like product development, marketing, logo and ensure they are in perfect alignment with your business strategy.

Branding Strategies #4

5. Thinking Having a Logo is Enough

Most people think that having a logo is enough, which ends up hurting their branding strategy.
This, however, is not true, and there is more to branding than just having a neat logo.
Having things like fonts, color pallets, pattern and textures, photography and animation, illustration & iconography, sound, layouts, and tonal voice in your branding touchpoints go a long way in solidifying your brand name.

Branding Strategies #5

6. Trying to be Everywhere

Most entrepreneurs fall into the temptation of trying to be on every marketing platform or trying to offer too many things.
Being inconsistent everywhere tends to be quite limiting as it ends up making your business look inefficient.
The best way to avoid making this mistake is to choose a couple of platforms and show up consistently.

Branding Strategies #6

7. Talking About Yourself

Talking just about yourself can be quite limiting considering that potential customers come to you looking for solutions.
Instead of talking about yourself, you need to think about what the customers need, give them what they want, and speak in a language they understand.
What works for you does not necessarily work for others.

Branding Strategies #7

8. Being inauthentic

Telling fake stories, misrepresenting yourself, and not being authentic can be a huge mistake.
At a time where information is readily available, people will always find the truth.
Telling authentic stories and being honest helps you building trust, and branding is all about building trust.

Branding Strategies #8

9. Being Inconsistent

Having a brand, showing up in different ways means sacrificing your brand’s name.
For your branding strategy to be effective, make sure your brand shows up consistently.
That means that people will find it easy recognizing, recalling, and reverting to your brand.

Branding Strategies #9

10. Marketing Without a Strategy

Marketing without paying attention to your branding strategy can be a huge mistake.
To avoid making this mistake, ensure your branding strategy drives all your marketing efforts.
Considering this, avoid trying a bunch of things to see what work.
Instead, run all your marketing plans with your branding strategy.

Branding Strategies #10

If you are an entrepreneur or a branding expert, knowledge of these branding mistakes will significantly improve your chances of creating a strong brand.
You do not have to re-invent the wheel.
Instead, learn from this branding mistakes and own your brand.

Branding Strategies

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