How to Get Email Addresses From Facebook Groups

There are over 1 million Groups on Facebook. It is a HUGE social network to help you find the ideal customer.

This represents a great opportunity for marketers who want to connect with prospects.

Consider it a primary social media channel for business owners.

By the end of this guide, you’ll know more than most Facebook marketers out there, and making use of this Facebook Group hack will provide you with something spectacular.

Let’s get going!

Step 1. Finding the Right Facebook Groups

First, navigate to your left hand side navigation and click on “Groups”.


This will take you to the Group Discover section of Facebook.

For instance, imagine you are selling a SaaS product aimed for Tech Startups, a quick search on Facebook reveals that there are hundreds of groups related to Science and Technology.

Here you can find groups by Categories and Tags.

Categories are very broad, but take a look at the Tags in the right hand side box.

Here we chose “Technology”.


This is where it gets interesting, and you can get very specific to find your niche’s customers.

As with all of your other marketing efforts, you’ll find that the more precise you can be about who you want to help, the better everything else will turn out.

This is especially important for Facebook Groups.

If you find your Groups effectively, you’ll be able to clearly communicate to those members what your offer is about, when you at a later stage email to these members.


Next step is to join these groups.

Step 2. So, how do I Get The Member Data?

Now when you have found and joined your Facebook Groups (if they are closed it might take a while before and admin is accepting you into the group).

It’s time to use Grouply.

Grouply is a chrome extension for Facebook groups that extracts data about the group members.

Using Grouply on the members’ section of a Facebook Group will get you a list of members that you can download as a CSV-file.

A quick search in Badass Founders and Marketers (BAMF) group with 13434 Members shows that 7602 of these members have their company information added to their Facebook profiles.

This is information that we can download and use!

Grouply allows you to extract Facebook Member data, such as;

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Position
  • Company Name
  • Profile URL

In the settings you can decide what data you want to download in the CSV-file.


Step 3. Getting business emails

With this downloaded CSV-file, you can now use a tool like Toofr Bulk Uploader.

I prefer over because their algorithm for finding emails from Grouply data is way better than everything else out there.


The email extraction process might take a while, but when it is done you will be able to download a result CSV-file from, this time containing the Company Domain Name and Email Addresses as well.

Step 4. The Results

Email addresses are the currency of an online marketer, especially if those email addresses belongs to your target audience.


What you will get from the combination of these two tools is business email addresses, which is ideal for B2B companies.

Step 5. So What can I do with all These Email Addresses?

1. Sending Cold Emails

Well first of all, you can cold email these people. Here’s a great guide for cold email that by YesWare and another one from HubSpot here.

Just remember to be personal. You got their First Name, Last Name, Company Name, and even their Job Title!

You can use software such as MixMax, Quickmail or Mailshake for automating these emails for you using placeholders for these attributes, making the email look very personal.

2. Automating Friend Requests based on Facebook Profiles

By using Mass Planner you can bulk import a list of Facebook Profiles, sorted by Work Position / Work Title and friends request these people in order to create the network of friends you want.

This tactic works especially well within groups you want to establish yourself within more.


3. Targeted Twitter Ads

You can create a tailored audience based on a CSV-file with email addresses (just what we got!), and then serve ads to only these people on twitter, which makes your targeting lazer focused! Here’s aguide by SocialRank on how to do this.

4. Google AdWords Targeted Ads (Customer Match)

As WordStream puts it: “We have been waiting ages for Google to take the plunge and offer identity-based targeting – now that day has finally arrived!

In a nutshell, Customer Match gives advertisers the ability to create and target (or exclude) their very own user lists simply by uploading prospects’ email addresses.” Click here to read WordStream’s article.

5. Enrich your data with Social Profiles

Using pipl you can bulk upload Grouply’s CSV files and fill in your prospects’ contact, social, demographic and professional information to target and personalize marketing campaigns.

The possibilities are endless

There are plenty more ways for you to use the email addresses you’ve gotten in a smart and creative way.

Do you want to stand out of your competition?

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