Effective LinkedIn Profile Tips For 2018

Is Linked in still relevant for you and your business?

LinkedIn is a social networking site that is widely popular among business owners, job seekers, and the experienced professionals.

(NO cats pics, what I ate today, or other BS).

No doubt, members contact each other for getting better job opportunities or discover awesome employees.

Actually, LinkedIn is also available on the desktop or mobile app, which means you can always use it on the GO.

Linkedin Profile Tips

Facts (LinkedIn Profile Tips)

  • 78% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn is an effective tool for content marketing (Content Marketing Institute)
  • According to HubSpot, LinkedIn is 277% more effective at lead generation than Facebook and Twitter.
  • OkDork analyzed 3,000 LinkedIn blog posts and found that long-form content gets the most shares, and how-to and list posts perform the best on the site.
  • B2B marketers can also repurpose content into a SlideShare, which now has over 70 million monthly active users.

In other words, “yes, LinkedIn is still relevant for you and your business in 2018″

Top benefits of optimizing your LinkedIn profile

(LinkedIn Profile Tips #1)

As many of my clients, you are probably most curious about my latest actionable LinkedIn profile tips, that will improve the appearances and functionality of your LinkedIn profile.

As a matter of fact, if you are not refining your LinkedIn profile right now, you are leaving money on the table!

A well designed LinkedIn profile can successfully attract viewers for going through your entire profile, as follows, strengthening your networking capabilities.

Furthermore, a well-crafted profile will inform your viewers, that you are the expert in your field, show them your experience level and your professional achievements gained during your working tenure.

Not to mention, it becomes easier for you to maintain more effective relationships with other targeted LinkedIn members.

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Best ways to design an outstanding LinkedIn profile

(LinkedIn Profile Tips #2)

One of the most productive LinkedIn profile tips for you is probably one of the easiest.

Add a formal smiling headshot that shows you professional and friendly nature.

Of course, a detailed description of your professional career and educational background is highly useful in making your profile searchable and viewable when someone searches with relevant keywords.

Moreover, a creatively penned description will be able to target potential viewers of your profile and derive maximum benefits from their connections, whom they may also ask for recommendations from other influential members of LinkedIn.

Linkedin Profile Tips

Tips for making the LinkedIn profile more popular

(LinkedIn Profile Tips #3)

Another useful sortiment in my LinkedIn profile tip tools is to uniquely add an attractive banner image to your LinkedIn profile and additionally a slide-share presentation of your entire profile.

in the first place, it is a great way to showcase your profile in a crisp manner.

Furthermore, you should join several professional groups created on LinkedIn, of course, post interesting content regularly, and participate in the group’s discussion.

Additionally, post relevant videos, which can be very effective in making your profile more popular on LinkedIn.

Local activities of fellow businessmen are moreover useful, since they generate a greater reach. Likewise, your previous colleagues and seniors that are working in your field are also useful for your LinkedIn presence.

Besides, they will often be asked for a professional opinion or recommendation about your workability, which you should use as a positive testimonial

bonus tip: ask them for a testimonial.

Linkedin Profile Tips

Advantages that will benefit you today

(LinkedIn Profile Tips #4)

You can find new clients with your LinkedIn profile as you post content, intended to reach out to more people from your target audience.

Your brand will earn better recognition among your potential customers, which will establish you as a prominent business leader in your niche.

Content posted in your LinkedIn profile adds value to your profile and gives your audience a better insight into your skills and profession.

Other connections will also share and like your content, which will make it even more visible for a broader audience.

And because you helped them share some knowledge, their audience will be grateful as well.

Why? When you like articles, they are visible on your profile and in your feed.

Moreover, it becomes easier to get new connections due to the attractive optimization of your LinkedIn profile,  and ultimately more traffic.

Additionally, your website will get a huge SEO boost, due to linking your popular LinkedIn profile.

Linkedin Profile Tips

How to design Linked In Cover Art in 2018

(LinkedIn Profile Tips #5)

linkedin profile tips

Linkedin image size - Profile image: 400x400

Image Guidelines

  • Recommended between 400x400px & 20.000 x 20.000px
  • Minimum 200x200px
  • 10mb maximum file size JPG, GIF, PNG files only

Linkedin image size - BG image: 1536x768px


Image Guidelines

  • Recommended 1536x868px
  • Minimum size of 1192x220px
  • Maximum 4MB
  • Appears as 1400x425px
  • Image types include PNG, JPG or GIF.

Here is a little LinkedIn Business Cover Template, that you can use, when designing you cover art

linkedin business page cover template
Linkedin Profile Tips

Linkedin image size - Hero image: 1536x768px

Image Guidelines

  • Minimum 974x330px
  • Maximum 2MB
  • Landscape Layout
  • PNG, JPG or GIF

Linkedin image size - Standard Logo: 400x400px

Image Guidelines

  • 400x400px recommended (300x400minimum and resized to fit)
  • Maximum 4MB (Square Layout)
  • PNG, JPG or GIF

Linkedin Profile Tips

One of the two brand logos that you should be uploading to LinkedIn is the business logo. This is the bigger of the two and is going to show up right next to your brand name on your LinkedIn homepage. This image also appears in the “Companies you may want to follow” section, so the more enticing the photo the more likely the followers!

Image size - Hero Image: 974x330px

Image Guidelines

  • Minimum 974x330px
  • Maximum 2MB
  • Landscape Layout
  • PNG, JPG or GIF

Linkedin Profile Tips

All the top of this page sits a banner that is bigger than any of the other images on LinkedIn. You can use this space to your company in order to attract some great potential employees.

Business Banner Image: 646x220px (Minimum)

Image Guidelines

  • Minimum 646x220px
  • Maximum 2MB
  • Landscape Layout
  • PNG, JPG or GIF

Linkedin Profile Tips

Banner images is one of the newest and most prominent of the images that you can use on LinkedIn. This image appears when a user visits your brand’s homepage. Since this image is located on your homepage it’s likely the visitor is actively searching for your brand, so use this opportunity to reel them in with a great image.

Linkedin image size - Square Logo: 60x60px

Image Guidelines

  • 60x60px (resized to fit
  • Maximum 2MB
  • PNG, JPG or GIF.

Linkedin Profile Tips

This is the brand image that shows up when company is searched.

Make sure you use something recognizable to your brand to make sure customers know which company they want to click on.

In summary

LinkedIn Profile Tips #1

LinkedIn can be used for

  • Attraction – drawing people to you
  • Connection – brooding your network
  • Influence – demonstrating what you offer and what your knowledge is, how you are an expert in what you do.
  • Engagement – starting relationships with people

LinkedIn Profile Tips #2

When you design your profile

  • Have a smiling headshot with professional style
  • Create a comprehensive description, since the search results will show you, based on it.

LinkedIn Profile Tips #3

With a great description you will be able to

  • Target potential customers
  • Leverage their connections, and ask for recommendations

LinkedIn Profile Tips #4

How can you stand out on LinkedIn? 

  • Have a great banner image
  •  Show of your portfolio and Slide-Share presentations
  • Join groups and participate in them, by posting content regularly
  • Post videos
  • Post natively in groups
  • Ask those who you worked with for recommendations and repurpose them as testimonials

LinkedIn Profile Tips #5

How can your linkedIn profile benefit you in 2018 INFOGRAPHIC

Linkedin Profile Tips

Want to increase your blog engagement?

Here is a hidden special offer for my readers by an infographic design service I personally recommend.

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  1. Jeez. This is really good. An image with that standard size sure grabs a lot of attention once it is done well. This is good I tell you.

    1. Thans Philberta. It is, treat your profile as a CV.

  2. Woah. This is really very helpful for me. I run my company’s social media pages and also double as the graphic designer. Thanks for the info. I’ll just check the categories and art sizes for other social sites.

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