How to Build A Social Media Marketing Plan

Building a social media marketing plan requires time and answers to many of the same questions.

The key to success in creating a social media marketing plan is knowing the correct questions to ask and providing detailed answers to questions.

The more you know, the better you can help your business succeed and give your customers what they need.

Before we dig into the topic, I stumbled upon  a few interesting facts and statistics, that will give you an insight into why social media marketing is so powerful and how it might benefit you in 2018.


Sixty-seven percent of consumers use Facebook and Twitter to find a resolution to issues, and 1 in 3 prefer customer care over social media to telephone or email. (Social Media Today ⎪ Social Media Marketing Plan)

Ninety-six percent of people who talk about brands on social media aren’t following those brands. (Brandwatch ⎪ Social Media Marketing Plan)

Eighty-five percent of U.S. consumers use social media. (Marketing Sherpa ⎪ Social Media Marketing Plan)

Women (87 percent) use social media more than men (82 percent). (Marketing Sherpa ⎪ Social Media Marketing Plan)

Women (87 percent) use social media more than men (82 percent). (Marketing Sherpa ⎪ Social Media Marketing Plan)

Let’s dig in!


The first thing you need to know about are the four forms of social media influence.

The 4 major forms of social media influence are

social media marketing plan

1. Digital real estate

Digital real estate is where your business appears.

(example: Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat etc.)

You should always keep track of where your business appears to remain updated on where your business ranks in the scheme of things.

2. Connections

As far as connections are concerned, they are your followers.

3. Content

When you think about the content for your business, consider the type of content you need and the format you will use.

(e.g. what content will I use in my social media marketing plan

example: behind the scenes videos for snapchat, polished images and videos for instagram, how to articles for LinkedIn, how to videos for Youtube, etc.)

4. Engagement

Most importantly, your content should be valuable. Engagement is another important factor you need to consider.

You need to think about how you will interact with your audience.

There are 8 steps that need to be taken to build a social media marketing plan.

8 Steps to Building A Social Media Marketing Plan

1. Brand Audit

As far as a brand audit of current state analysis is concerned, you need to know which platforms you are using.

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

  • What social media real estate do you have?
  • What kind of content do you produce?
  • Is your content successful?

Content is important. The content you use needs to be beneficial to your audience.

To make sure you are putting your best foot forward, your business’s personality, brand, voice, and designs must all be consistent.

It’s important that you remain well-informed about your connections. Your connections are your current followers.

  • You need to know who your current followers are and who your audience is.
  • You need to know your current engagement.
  • How are you interacting with your followers?

It’s important you know as much information as possible about your followers.

They will help you create successful ad campaigns and content for your business.

Download the 6-step guide to conducting a social media audit .pdf!

Social Media Marketing Plan #1

2. Competitive Audit

A competitive audit is an analysis of your competition. In order to conduct a successful competitive audit, you need to know these key factors

  • Who is your competition?
  • Who is your close-in competition?
  • Who is your stretch competition?

A competitive audit can be complex if you are not sure of what you’re doing. Your close-in competition is businesses who are just like you. These businesses may sell the same products as you and have the same target audience. Your stretch competition is people who are more successful and have a bigger business than you.

Keeping up with your competition is hard work. There are a variety of questions you need to answer about your competition. You need to know what your competition is currently doing and what platforms are on.

Other factors you need to know about your competition are the kind of content they are creating and what’s working for them. Are their current methods and strategies working or not? You also need to know who your competitor’s current target market is and who they are influencing. You need to know what their engagement looks like. You need to evaluate all of these factors of your competitors and mirror their success. You need to learn from your competitor’s mistakes. There’s no shame in learning from your competitor’s and you don’t have to copy everything they do.

Social Media Marketing Plan #2

3. Customer Avatar

When you’re thinking of your customer avatar, you need to know who you want to reach and what problems you are trying to solve. You need to ask yourself what problems can you solve for your customers. You need to find ways to solve customer’s problems differently and more effectively than your competitors. Most importantly, you need to know as much about your customers as you possibly can. You need to know where your customers hang out, and how they communicate, such as the real world, forums, and online. You also need to know what platforms they use and what they do on these platforms.

Social Media Marketing Plan #3

4. Content Platform

You need to know which content platform is the best for you to use, as well as, the right content for your brand. You should start by choosing between a creative field, visual content, strategy, and written content. Did you know there is more than one platform you can use to deliver content? Some platforms you can use include

  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Newsletters
  • Imagery
  • Infographics
  • Guest appearances
  • Discussion boards
  • Whitepapers
  • Ebooks
  • Downloadable PDF’s

Video content is among the hardest content to create. Podcasts and writing are easier to do when it comes to production.

Social Media Marketing Plan #4

5. Content Strategy

To be successful, you need a strategy for the development of your content. First, you need to decide on the form you want to use. You can then decide how you will create your content, and who will create it. such as a team, individual or yourself. Make sure you develop calls to action. Your content needs to motivate and direct visitors to your blog, and you can use other content to direct people to your service page. You can also use curated content to help build brand authority.

Social Media Marketing Plan #5

6. Content Calendar

This calendar tells you when and where content should be published, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Be consistent and give automation a try.

Social Media Marketing Plan #6

7. Measurement and Analytics

How effective are your methods and techniques? You need to find out how people are interacting with your content. You can use Google Analytics, Hootsuite Analytics, and YouTube Analytics. How much interaction and engagement do you have? Set a calendar to review content and social media effectiveness.

Here are the full guides from Hootsuite on how to use analytics for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Social Media Marketing Plan #7

8. Return On Investment (ROI)

You need to know what you are getting for your efforts. The formula is quantitive over qualitative. Qualitative is engagement and feedback, also known as soft metrics. Quantitive is metrics, which includes numbers and hard facts.

Social Media Marketing Plan #8

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