Time Management Tips - 10 Productivity Tips and Tricks That Work

It is so important that you manage your time correctly, no matter what you are trying to get done. Whether you are a freelancer or you just want to delegate your chores more productively through the day, time management is EVERYTHING. The following 10 time management tips should help you enormously in getting everything done.


The average person uses 13 different methods to control and manage their time.

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The average person gets 1 interruption every 8 minutes, or approximately 7 an hour, or 50–60 per day. The average interruption takes 5 minutes, totaling about 4 hours or 50% of the average workday. 80% of those interruptions are typically rated as “little value” or “no value” creating approximately 3 hours of wasted time per day.

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20% of the average workday is spent on “crucial” and “important” things, while 80% of the average workday is spent on things that have “little value” or “no value”.

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Taking 5 minutes per day, 5 days per week to improve one’s job will create 1,200 little improvements to a job over a 5 year period.

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Time Management Tips

Ten tips that you can implement right now, and will not only make you more productive but save time in the short and long run.

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1. Not enough hours in the day? Schedule your time

If you constantly find yourself thinking “Man, there just aren’t enough hours in the day”, that’s likely because you are not scheduling in everything. Time blocking means literally planning out every hour of every day, logging your tasks on a spreadsheet or even just with pen and paper. Put everything on your calendar including the most mundane tasks.

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2. Do you get distracted easily? Turn off notifications

When you are in the middle of something, don’t let yourself get distracted by something else. Turn off notifications whether it be from social media platforms, desktop notifications or even email notifications.

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3. Got an important task? Do it!

It’s so easy to do the smaller tasks to avoid the bigger one that has been bothering you. That one task you need to get done? Do it first and after it’s complete, you will be so relieved. The biggest task should definitely take priority over a bunch of smaller tasks.

time management tips #3

4. No motivation? Give yourself a reward

Small little rewards to yourself when you are productive and get your tasks complete is going to keep that motivation strong throughout the day/week. This reward could be as simple as a cup of coffee, your favourite treat or a “listening to music” break. For bigger tasks, the rewards can be slightly more enticing like a new outfit or a meal out!

time management tips #4

5. Need to work faster? Make plans

If you want to make sure that all your tasks are done by the end of the day, make plans with family or friends for later. This will help you work harder AND faster because you know that at a particular time, you have to be ready for something else.

time management tips #5

6. Working yourself into a hole? Take breaks

Working is great but the greatest people in the world take regular breaks (15 minutes for every hour is recommended!) Actually schedule your breaks into your calendar, set a timer if you want to make sure that you stick to them.

time management tips #6

7. Are you bored of the task? Do something else on your breaks

On your break from work, you should be doing something completely unrelated to the task at hand. This will give your brain a chance to rest but not so much so, that you lose sight of what you are actually trying to get done.

time management tips #7

8. Are you too fussy? Do a first draft first

No matter what type of task you are doing, you might want to get things perfect before you continue. This is not a good idea, complete the task before you edit it or make any necessary adjustments. It’s proven that working this way will ensure you work more effectively.

time management tips #8

9. Tempted to multi-task? DON'T!

You might think you are an awesome multitasker but it’s a much better idea to focus on one task at a time in order to give everything your all. Time blocking, which was discussed previously, should help you do this.

time management tips #9

10. The task seems too big? Break it up

Breaking up a huge task into 6 smaller ones will make it seem much more achievable. Actually note down each process of a bigger task, this is going to help you as an individual but also if you have more people in your team.

time management tips #10

time management tips

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Putting these steps into action guarantees that your time is going to be used more effectively, whatever the goal might be. No matter what problem you have in terms of productivity, there is definitely a solution for it. Find out what works for you from the mentioned steps and you are guaranteed to improve your life as a result.

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