Twitter is one of the most popular public social networking site offering micro-blogging. Registered users can broadcast short posts called tweets, free of cost on this platform. Twitter is a favorite among celebrities, influencers and is one platform which sometimes even shows breaking news even before the actual news channels!

Here are 9 c core benefits of social media marketing on Twitter:

  1. The most crucial advantage using twitter for social media marketing is its current time.
  2. It is quite popular with 25-44 years olds. It has roughly 225 million active users of which 198 million are mobile users which ensures the mass reach of audience.
  3. It is useful for the announcements of events, reaching out our corporate partners and highlighting the individuals, research, and traditions. Surveys say that 85% of Twitter members feel more connected to a specific brand when they follow them on twitter handle.
  4. Social media marketing on twitter not only helps in expanding audience but also aids in the finding of new customers. Suppose you open a coffee shop in the neighborhood, you tweet about a cup of coffee soothing Monday blues. After locating the ones tweeting about coffee, you could reach out to them and invite them to your new coffee shop.
  5. We could target the specific audience on basis of demography by the parameter of the ‘country’ on twitter
  6. It could facilitate the generation of lead s for one-third of the costs. The marketing department of HootSuite promotes two types of content via Twitter Ads: un-gated content which requires no email address for access and gated content which is free content requiring an email Id. Sharing of gated content on Twitter is an effective method for generating leads for a company.
  7. It can help in increasing the traffic by directing people to the concerned website. Suppose a lot of people re-tweet on a particular post of any brand, it will definitely be ranked higher in Google’s search engine results.
  8. Twitter ads have allowed us to scale, increase reach and fuel the demand generation. It is one of the best platforms for lead generation out of potential parties.
  9. Strategic re-tweeting and effective replying are very helpful with personal nature of Twitter.

The cover art on twitter handle allows individuals or business houses to plaster their brands in a presentable way. Here is a short guide for making an impressive cover art twitter design. The catch is to focus on creativity and not emphasizing too much on the technical aspect.


The simple steps relating to the technical front of Twitter design are:

1. Header Photo – 1500*1500

1500* 500px  (If the header is kept to the recommendation of 1500*500px, the lower part of header image will be chopped off by the profile picture.)

Size of 10 MB maximum

Type of image: JPG, PNG or GIF

Twitter cover design template

TIP: Copy this image and use it as a guideline

2. Profile Photo – 400*400

400*400px square image is recommended

Size of 100 KB maximum

Type of image: JPG, PNG or BMP

You can download your .psd and .ai art board twitter template 2018 with updated design examples here

3. In-stream Photo – 440*220

Ideal recommendations are minimum to appear expanded 440*220 px, maximum to appear expanded 1024*512px. and appear in stream to be collapsed at 506*253px

Size of maximum 5MB in case of photos and size of 3MB for animated GIFs

Be your creative self, bearing these easy guidelines in mind.


Twitter CoverArt Infographic sizes design

Ten brands with eye-catching twitter design which could inspire you are:

  1. Uber
  2. Canva
  3. Target
  4. SlideShare
  5. Taco Bell
  6. Netflix
  7. Animoto
  8. Basecamp
  9. RioTinto
  10. Starbucks

Do check these out and flaunt your creativity to build the next viral twitter handle!

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Andrej is a designer who loves advocating the benefits of good design and its impact on businesses. Visit now and hire him for your next project!

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