5 Lead Magnet Ideas To Get New Customers

Before you can get started with generating lead magnet ideas to gain new customers, you need to know about the conversion path.
The conversion path consists of four elements, which include a
1. call to action (CTA)
2. landing page
3. thank you page
4. kickback email.

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The CTA should be present on your website, blog, and social media platform.
The purpose of a call to action is to get people to click the link and download your material.
When placing a call to action, think about what you want the customer/visitor to do.

The landing page is the destination website visitors will visit once the call to action link is clicked.
This is a great time to ask visitors for their name and email address to sign them up to receive exclusive content you offer.

website conversion

website conversion Fact #1 by ImpactBund

The thank you page is what visitors will see once they submit their name and email to sign up for your email list.
The thank you page is where visitors can download all the essential material they need.

The kickback email or welcome email welcomes your visitors to your email list and thanks them for joining your mailing list.
Let your visitors know you will be sending them things periodically, and promise not to spam them.
Make your visitors feel welcome.

5 Lead Magnets To Get New Customers

1. Mini E-Book

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Mini e-books are awesome because it’s your original content. To get the best results, use at least 5, 7 maximum, articles or blogs and feature them in a collection. You can also create a theme, idea or use a problem-solving topic to engage your audience. It’s a good idea to offer your mini e-book as a downloadable PDF for your audience. Use eye-catching graphics, artwork or thumbnails to capture the attention of your audience. One of the perks of a mini e-book is original content. You provide original content that’s essential for your audience all in one place, which means they don’t need to go on a scavenger hunt on the internet to find the information they need.

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Social Media Marketing Plan #1

2. The Ultimate Guide

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An ultimate guide, for example, would be the ultimate guide of emails, logo development, choosing fonts or learning photoshop online. Your ultimate guide must be about something you have extensive knowledge of in order to gain authority in that particular field. Keep in mind that an ultimate guide is not original content. It’s curated content. By offering curated content, you are providing a solution to your audience, including providing expert knowledge and sorting information so your audience has the best, essential information without spending countless hours looking for this information on their own.

Social Media Marketing Plan #2

3. The Resource Guide

Like an ultimate guide, a resource guide does not feature original content. A resource guide includes websites, apps, tools, and software that your audience will find beneficial for solving a particular problem. The value of creating a resource guide is to compile essential information for your audience so they don’t have to.

Social Media Marketing Plan #3

4. The Checklist

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Checklists are easy how-tos in the form of a list that contains valuable information. A checklist is great because it shares process information and prevents people from having to endure hundreds of trial-and-error processes. Checklists make concepts easier to group and understand. Your audience can learn from your experiences and find different, better ways of doing things.

Social Media Marketing Plan #4

5. The Workbook/Template

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Your workbook or template needs to be a downloadable PDF that has editable fields. With this feature, people can complete the form using their own information. The value of a workbook or template is offering your audience the best practices and processes by working through a particular problem or solving an issue people have in a workbook or template format. Always consider your audience or customers to get the best results. What problems do your customers have? What is your audience struggling with in their business? Find out what subject your audience is looking for more information about, and how you can offer them something of super value for their business.

Social Media Marketing Plan #5

Before you start doing anything business related, think of what your customers need and what your clients are currently doing. The more you know, the better you can help.

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