How to design youtube cover art in 2018?

I’ve received a lot of requests lately on publishing a short guide on “how to create” youtube design for you or your business.

So here it goes!

A short cheat sheet on youtube design that you can use whenever you need to get creative.

Use a youtube design cheat sheet, so you can focus on the creative part! 

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Channel Profile - 400x400

Image Guidelines

  • Recommended 800x800px
  • Displays as 95x95px
  • Images types: JPG, GIF, BMP

Channel Cover Photo - 2560x1440

Image Guidelines

  • There are a lot of different platforms and devices that users can stream Youtube on so it’s important that your brand has a photo optimized for each one.

Display Sizes

  • Tablet display: 1,855×423
  • Mobile display: 1,546×423
  • TV display: 2,560x 1,440px (1,546x423px are always visible); Flexible Area ()may be visible): 507px to the left and 507px to the right of the safe area.
youtube cover art template 2018

Download .psd template with an example.

Video Uploads - 1280x720px

Video Guidelines

  • Videos must maintain a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • In order to qualify as full HD, your dimensions must be at least 1280x720px
youtube cover art example
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